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Article et Livres édités


- (2013) On the Existence of Another Source of Heat Production for the Earth and Planets, and its Connection with Gravitomagnetism; SpringerPlus 2013(pdf) [1 368 KB]

- (2012) Origin of the spin of planets and stars and its connection with gravitomagnetis.
The article on Springer's website is available at;

- (2017) Hubble’s constant and flat rotation curves of stars: are dark matter and energy needed? The article on Journal JMP website is available at; http://file.scirp.org/pdf/JMP_2017010415210077.pdf

- (2012) Additional delay in the Common View GPS Time Transfert, and the consequence for the Measurement of the neutrino velocity with the OPERA detector in the CNGS beam [284 KB]

- (2014) The sun: Engine of the dynamic forces for the movement and deformation of the Earth’s lithosphere. [627 KB]

- 2015) Quantum Theory and General Relativity Entanglement and Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics
(demander le lien à elbaz@new-atomic-physics.com)

- (2018) On Gravitational Waves:
Did We Simply Detect the Gravitational Effect of the Sun on the Photons Moving in the Cavity of Interferometers LIGO and VIRGO? [2 080 KB]

- Books published:

- (2005) New Atomic Physics (NAP) Reaction Theorie: ISBN: 2-9524119-1-3 (see Google Books)

- (2005) Nouvelle Physique Atomique (NAP) La Théorie Réactionnelle ISBN: 2-9524119-0-5
(see Google Books)